Price of our services

The Productified platform is free to use for everyone.

How do we keep it free? Fiverr pays us a small percentage of what you spend when we refer you to their expert freelancers.

There are no extra or hidden costs for you whatsoever. You pay freelancers directly through Fiverr. 

Using Fiverr’s freelancers who work on a flat fee instead of hourly rates is the most cost-effective way to bring your idea to life.

You only pay expert freelancers if you’re satisfied with their work. Otherwise, Fiverr will refund your payment in full.

We will never ask for a stake in your business or a share of your revenue or profits.

Your idea is yours, and so is the money you make from it.

For the Full Service, we charge a small fee for our dedicated product and project management services.

Product development costs.

The cost of the product development depends on the type and complexity of the product.