How Productified platform works

Productified is a free idea development platform where you can find resources to help you develop your product and bring it to market. Be your own boss while using our proven step-by-step process.

  1. Watch one short Guide video.
  2. See your tasks related to the video you just watched
  3. Complete one task at a time by using direct links to Fiverr freelancers.
  4. Ask our experts if you have questions and need an advice of an experienced entrepreneur. 
Our interactive Idea Development Guide allows you to follow a proven step-by-step process in the right order, so you know exactly where to start and what to do next. Just watch a short video and take action by either doing it yourself or hiring a reliable and affordable expert freelancer. This step-action Guide helps you make steady progress, keep the momentum going, and feel good about making progress. If you have a question after watching a video, hit a button just below the video to ask one of our idea development experts. You can record your question as a video or audio, or type it, whatever works better for you.

Once you finished watching a video, hit a button right below the video to see a selected group of vetted, cost-effective experts on Fiverr. Our idea development experts support you not only on the Productified platform but also on Fiverr. Just sign up for a Fiverr business account, so one of our idea development experts can join your team on Fiverr and help you find the right freelancer and manage him/her.

A quick peek into the Guide's idea development roadmap