What are freelancers?

       Freelancers, or independent contractors, are self-employed professionals who offer their services on a temporary or per-project basis. Nowadays, you can find freelancers in any imaginable area of expertise.

       If you hire full-time employees, you commit to paying their salary, providing benefits, and paying various federal, state, and local taxes. You commit to paying their salary whether or not you have work for them and whether or not your business generates revenue.

       With freelancers, you only pay when you need them for work and only for the work they deliver. For a small business owner, especially in the early stages of running a business, freelancers make more economic sense.

Why we recommend Fiverr?

       Fiverr is an online freelancing platform where freelancers offer various services called “gigs.”

       Gigs are clearly defined projects offered at a flat fee. It can be comforting to know the total cost of the project upfront instead of paying an ongoing hourly rate and not knowing what the total cost will be. Gigs offered by Fiverr freelancers are called “standard gigs.” Each gig has three levels of service: basis, standard, and premium. Due to the highly competitive nature of the gigs, you can find favorable prices on Fiverr.

       If you cannot find a standard gig that meets your needs, find gigs in the same category and get in touch with freelancers. Share your project requirements, and ask for a quote using the “contact me” button. The freelancers will review the requirements and provide custom quotes, again, at a flat fee. We recommend reaching out to multiple freelancers with your project’s requirements so you can compare the quotes and possibly negotiate further.

       Your payment is not released to the freelancer until you approve the work. If you are unsatisfied with the quality, you can submit a brief explanation to Fiverr’s dispute resolution center, which tends to side with the customer. This “protected payments” feature is also very comforting.

       Fiverr makes it easy to search for freelancers using various filters. If you have difficulty finding a freelancer with a specific skill set, you can get free help from Fiverr customer support, which is available 24/7 and based in Orlando, Florida.

       You can easily see customer ratings and reviews for every freelancer, how many jobs each has completed, and how long each has been on Fiverr.

       Additional benefits of using the Fiverr platform include:

  • Invoices for your gigs that you can use for tax deductions.
  • All prices are in US dollars, as the payment platform automatically takes care of currency exchange.
  • Protection from any legal relationship with freelancers. You do not have to worry about filing the IRS Form SS-8 “Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding”.

       Fiverr is a publicly-traded company and the world’s most valuable freelancing platform.

       A summary of the benefits of Fiverr:

  • Value for your money:
    –   Offers start at $5 (hence Fiverr)
    –   Flat project-based pricing, no hourly rates
  • Protected payments:
    –   Payment is not released until you approve the work
    –   Dispute resolution
  • Transparency:
    –   Customer ratings and reviews for every freelancer
    –   Fiverr applies a level to every freelancer based on performance
    –   Availability of the freelancer: the number of orders in the freelancer’s queue is displayed for every freelancer
  • Ease of use and search for freelancers using various filters
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Invoicing for tax deductions
  • Easy payment platform, which takes care of currency exchange
  • Protection from a legal relationship with a freelancer – shields you from the IRS SS-8.

Types of Fiverr accounts

       You can sign up for a regular or a Business account on Fiverr.

       We recommend that you sign up for a Fiverr Business account, here is why.

       A Fiverr Business account allows for team collaboration.

      The key benefit of a Fiverr Business account is the best support possible from both a Productified advisory team member and the Fiverr Business support team.

      You can invite your Productified advisor to join your Business account as your team member to get help finding, negotiating, and managing freelancers, as needed. Email [email protected] to request a Productified advisor join your team on Fiverr.

       To find the right talent, simply message a Fiverr Business Success Manager, and one will provide you with a handful of links to highly reputable freelancers vetted by the Fiverr Business team. The freelancers are guaranteed to be readily available.

       If you already signed up for a regular account on Fiverr, you can still easily create your Fiverr Business account.
See how HERE.

Summary of the benefits of Fiverr Business account:

  • Support of Fiverr Business Success Managers in finding the right talent
  • Support of the Productified advisory team in finding, negotiating, and managing freelancers
  • Curated freelancer catalog
  • Exclusive access to Fiverr’s personal executive assistants
  • Enhanced computer security
  • Team collaboration with up to 50 members
  • Tools to make team collaboration easy

How do you benefit from Productified’s relationship with Fiverr?

       We’ve selected Fiverr after researching multiple freelancing platforms. We found that Fiverr is the best fit for the needs of independent inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Other freelancing platforms focus on serving well-established businesses.

       If you sign up for a Fiverr Business or regular account using the button below, we will send you a coupon code for a 10% discount on your first order and a 30% discount on your first online course on Fiverr Learning.

       Once you sign up using the button below, we will be paid a small fraction of what you spend there at absolutely no cost and with no downside to you whatsoever. We need you to sign up using the button below to keep the Productified platform free for you and inventors and entrepreneurs like you. If you need the advice of our experts, please sign up for Fiverr using the button below.