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Productified is your one-stop shop for the genuine, honest advice and support you need to bring your invention to market. And it’s free.

Be confident that you’re taking the right steps to move your invention forward.

Get the right support

We’re inventors and entrepreneurs just like you. We’ve learned the hard way what it takes to bring your product to market, and now our mission is to help other inventors do the same.

Use a proven system

We’ve designed a proven system of support and advice that guides you every step of the way to bring your invention to market.

Avoid costly mistakes

Too many inventors flounder not knowing what to do next or are misled by bad information. We help you get on the right track – and stay there – right from the beginning.

“Most great accomplishments were achieved by people who at first had no idea what they were doing”

Brendon Burchard

How it works

Follow our step-by-step system, including videos, an idea development guide, and a task list of things to do to bring your idea to market.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs is available to directly answer all your questions and advise you on how to move your invention forward.

We connect you with reliable, affordable expert freelancers who can do the development work for you. (By the way, this is how we get paid and why the service is free to you.)

We never take a cut. You make all the decisions and get all the benefits from your product sales. We’ll even give our blueprint raising money in phases to bring your dream to life.

Price for our services

Productified is the only idea development platform that does not charge you any fees whatsoever!

Free access to the guide, and our support and advice.

We will never ask for a stake in your business or a share of your revenue.

How can we keep it free? Because we get paid by service providers. See more here

Product development costs

Product development costs money, so you’ll have to pay the expert freelancers for the work they will do for you.

No upfront charges – pay as you go.

Get your product developed more cost-effectively than ever before, due to flat project-based pricing.  

Your satisfaction with the freelancers’ work is guaranteed, otherwise, your money back, 100%.

Who we are and why are we doing this?

We really dig inventors!

       We are on a mission to empower and support your ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit!

       We’re inventors and entrepreneurs ourselves who have walked this path before. Our team members have collectively raised over $100 million and successfully built and sold over 40 companies. We have dozens of patents and hundreds of years of combined experience. And we’re passionate about helping you become successful too!

       We could not have succeeded without the help and advice we’ve got along the way. We couldn’t do it alone, and you shouldn’t either. We’ve been giving back to the local community by volunteering as mentors and advisors, and now are bringing our experience to you.

       By keeping the platform free, we’re giving every inventor and entrepreneur the opportunity to succeed using our patent-pending step-by-step process of learning entrepreneurship by doing, one step at a time.

Why trust us?

We will never ask you to share your idea with us. Your idea is your intellectual property. 

We are guided by the principle of ethics – always do the right thing for our customers.

This is our pledge to you. Our goal is to see you be successful.

What people say about us

The benefits of Productified

Free guidance, support, and personalized advice.

The most cost-effective way to develop and market your product.

No upfront charges – pay as you go for your product development and marketing.

Free blueprint for raising money at different stages.

Your idea is 100% safe here – we never ask you to share it.

Ethical team. Ethics is our core value, and we have a rigorous selection process of team members.

Your satisfaction with the freelancers’ work is guaranteed; otherwise, your money back, 100%.

Avoid costly mistakes by following our step-by-step guide.

Advice from successful, experienced entrepreneurs.

$100+ million raised collectively.

40+ companies successfully built and sold.

Dozens of issued patents.

Hundreds of years of combined experience.

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